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We have recently completed a fitted kitchen renovation and extension in Inchicore. The existing kitchen was quite dated and in need of a makeover, as it simply wasn't a functional family kitchen anymore.

For smaller renovation projects you can oftentimes simply replace the cabinet doors and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls along with some mostly minor other changes, but if you're in an old house that hasn't been touched up recently, this might still leave it looking unfinished.

In this case, we provided a completely redesigned layout and bespoke kitchen cabinetry.

Old tiles were stripped down and replaced with new ones in harmony with the overall look of the kitchen and the units within it.

Another important issue to consider is your electrics, do you need to completely rewire or just replace the plug sockets with a more modern finish?

Some minor electrical work was also necessary —

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fitted kitchens
fitted kitchen cabinets

Depending on the age and condition of your electrics, sometimes it is best to just rewire to avoid power surges when fitting new appliances. We also installed all new ceiling lighting along with all the under cabinet lighting and radiator covers.

The clients requested a contemporary high gloss finish for the units so we gave them a choice of colours and levels of glossiness. They decided on the white/ivory gloss kitchen units with shaker style doors, solid surface countertops and modern brushed chrome handles.

The overall effect is a clean and modern look that stands out and produces a luxurious, refreshing atmosphere.

Our objective was to optimise the workspace while maintaining the integrity of the kitchen as a whole. This was achieved by custom designing all the units from detailed plans off-site in our purpose built workshop.

We work closely with our clients to get the plans right from the start and ensure that their needs are met from a design perspective. From fabrication to installation we were able to fully customize the kitchen to incorporate their own ideas. Why not give us a go for your next renovation project?

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kitchen design
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House Extension Wicklow

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Our company was contracted to complete a large house extension in County Wicklow. The development involved a back garden extension, with an internal kitchen and sitting area.

We are a multidisciplinary trade team — employing builders, carpenters and electricians to get every part of the extension done.

No matter what you might need, when it comes to house extensions we have the experience needed to deliver the results you want.

The extension was part of a larger-scale renovation project within the house and it was done first in order minimise the impact on the client's family occupying the home.

We drew up the plans alongside the client and agreed upon constructing the extension.

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house extension-2
house extension-1

The external walls adjacent to the upcoming extension have been knocked and new structure has been put in place for a walk-through kitchen/living area as seen in the pictures.

The external and internal design drawings were done entirely by our in-house designer. We can design the entire project for you eliminating the need for other contractors, so you have to work with only one team under one single quote.

We were informed of the overall layout needed, but the client was unsure of the particulars. This is quite common with new house extensions, particularly large ones like this. We are always more than happy to offer you our expertise on what ideas work, and — perhaps most importantly — what ideas don’t.

Ultimately, however, the choice is always yours and we can always accommodate irregular or eccentric designs.

In this case, an internal stone masonry wall was added, a modern style fireplace, a radiator cabinet was sourced from and styled in such a way as to blend in with the room aesthetic.

house extension wicklow
house extension-3

We are definitely the place to go if you want designs that are uncommon or more refined as we love to exercise our creative freedom on them.

On the technical side, there was a good bit of electrical and plumbing work to be done. Installing the new gas boiler as part of the overall renovation job, sourced from our primary supplier to ensure the lowest gas boiler prices.

Connecting the external pipes to the new kitchen area and running the wires around the house for everything from appliances to plug sockets. This allows everything from incoming cold water taps, outflowing waste pipes and full electrical support for appliances to be fitted perfectly.

The floor of the kitchen section boasts large light coloured tiles while the rest of the extension features hardwood flooring, integrated with the remaining space in the house.

With this complete it was time for us to wish the client farewell and move on to the next project — maybe even yours. Get in touch for a quote today.

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Kitchen and Extension Woodfield

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Our team have just finished up another building job for very happy clients in Woodfield, County Dublin.

We fitted a brand new custom made kitchen and dining set, a complete bathroom renovation and transforming the back garden into a perfect place for family and friends to relax in style. The bathroom is fully tiled with a marble-like pattern and the light fixtures and fittings have a modern contemporary feel.

We have also constructed a utility room for the washing machine and tumble drier — neatly placed behind two doors to keep them out of view. Heavy duty shelving and a matching countertop completed this area and tied it in with the rest of the fitted kitchen design.

In terms of plumbing work, as part of this renovation and extension project we supplied and fitted a new immersion tank and an immersion switch.

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kitchen extensions
kitchen extension dublin

The entire kitchen was spray painted in an off-white, slightly creamy colour in our purpose built spray booth within our workshop.

Our team also fitted A rated doors and windows throughout the build. This can be the weakest link in a lot of projects as your heat simply escapes and lowers the cost-efficiency of your heating system — but not in this case since our insulation work meets and exceeds regulations.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to insulation but if it’s done properly the benefits are massive in the long run.

The back garden was quite long and narrow but the simple clean design we made gives the illusion of more space and a better layout. We used Indian Sandstone to great effect and the results speak for themselves.

The overall feel of the garden has improved greatly and is very welcoming. We fitted new fence paneling which looks great while offering privacy. At the bottom of the garden we built a curved raised flower bed. This area of the garden has a welcoming feel and is perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

The owners of the property have found that they are spending more time out there than they expected — "It's almost like another room!".

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Garage Conversion

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Our team was tasked last August with a mid-to-high end garage conversion in Co. Dublin.

Jay and Marie had recently partially renovated their 4-bedroom semi detached house and were looking to outfit their connected garage with a small kitchen and sitting area. Previously, adjoining the house was a garage with a roller-door, which contained the oil boiler and was used for general storage.

With a plan drawn, our technicians set about removing the old roller door from the front of the garage. The surrounding supporting woodwork was then stripped, which allowed 2 sides of the old garage to be replaced by large windows and an opening towards the house.

Inside, the joining wall between the garage and the house was knocked through. The entire remaining floor area was then fitted with durable grey tiling in a honeycomb pattern.

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garage conversion
garage conversion dublin

The gas boiler has been relocated to one of the kitchen cabinets, ensuring that it won't stand out from the overall design of the room and won't be accessible to the small kids in the house.

Pipes running from the boiler were shielded behind the unit, and accessible through a custom built hatch, which was also sealed with a lock. The unit was further equipped with storage space and an integrated microwave. The gas cooker and double door refrigerator are freestanding.

Our painting and decorating team has done wonders with the finishes and the end result looks amazing.

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Bedroom Redesign in Rathgar

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We recently completed a project in Dublin 6. This client needed a complete master bedroom redesign.

From a custom made queen sized bed, to new cabinetry, a make-up artist's set up, and lastly a walk in wardrobe.

The project began in early July, we had the client come into our factory office. She sat down with our excellent and meticulous in-house designer who went over every aspect of the redesign.

From the colour scheme to the placement of every board, nothing was left to chance. We wanted the client to have a hand in every part of the processes. We are dedicated to allowing the client to have as much input as possible in the project, this ensures that everyone is happy once the project has commenced.

Construction began two weeks after we had agreed on a design. The first step was to remove everything that wasn’t going to be used, so all of the old cabinetry and furniture needed to be removed, alongside the built in-wardrobe. All of this was taken care of by our expert team of builders and carpenters.

While this was on-going, the carpenters back in the factory were cutting, sanding, painting & building of the individual pieces, such as the bed or cabinetry. Then they went into the cleared bedroom and started to install each of the individual pieces, and installing the fitted wardrobes.

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Kids Bedroom Redesign

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Last July a client came to us requesting a full bedroom redesign. She wanted to change her box room into a comfortable, useable living space for her two children.

The room was quite a tight fit, and would require a bespoke bunk bed to free up space in the room. With this additional space we could fit in extra storage units in the form of wooden cabinets.

From the start of the project we brought the client into our office for a meeting and discussion with our team. We had our in-house designer go over every aspect of the redesign. From the materials, to the measurements & the construction, the client had a hand in every part of the project. We strive to have customer-based projects, where the customer is 100% satisfied with the end result.

This is achieved through constant contact and communication with the client and understanding their wishes for the outcome of the project.

The outcome of this project was exactly to the clients wishes. She received several cabinets and a set of bunk beds all within her budget and timeframe.

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