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With a multi-trade team capable of carrying out any project from start to finish, our company is one of the premier home extension builders in Dublin.

Over the last few years we have designed and completed a vast number of rear and side extensions, single story and multi story additions as well as complete rebuilds and home renovations.

We offer our clients guidance in all the steps of planning their home extensions. Our team of specialists has all the expertise and attention to detail required to turn your idea into a striking home improvement project.

We follow two simple principles when doing our work:

  • Ensuring that the extension seamlessly blends into the existing property
  • Conducting our work with top quality materials and in accordance to modern construction practices

We strive to offer a worry-free, professional service that is reasonably priced. Get in touch today to discuss your project and get a quote from us.

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House Extensions

When it comes to house extensions you can always rely on our company to provide a design that’s perfect for your taste and for your needs.

For any extension we can complete every stage of the process on time and on budget.

We do home extensions large and small, utilising the available space to the maximum and guaranteeing a high standard interior and exterior finish.

The building process for a house extension usually involves 4 or 5 distinct trades: brick laying, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting and decorating.

Alongside our tradesmen we employ project managers and designers ready to help you achieve the right look and practicality. During our meetings we try to capture your ideas as well as possible and offer a complete solution to your needs.

Our resources allow us to undertake any sort of job. Between our office, our Dublin based workshop and the project site our team will work efficiently to execute house constructions, renovations, major repairs and upgrades.

Get the most out of your new extension — Contact us to schedule a meeting and prepare a quote.

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Why Choose Us

Planning a home extension can be overwhelming and it tends to bring homeowners out of their comfort zone. We aim to make it easy and hassle-free for you.

When setting out to make such a large upgrade to your home you want to choose the best company for you.

What makes us great?

  • Our project managers are knowledgeable and will always help you choose the right options for your situation
  • Our in-house interior designer will work with you on all the visual aspects of the job
  • Our workshop staff use state-of-the-art machinery to turn design concepts into millimetre-perfect pieces of furniture — such as TV units, complete kitchens, vanity units and radiator covers
  • Our on-site team is fully fitted and qualified to do residential and commercial construction, plumbing, carpentry and electrical work

We have a history of superbly-designed and well-executed home extensions, and our professionalism on all stages of the project leads to happy clients who will recommend us with confidence.

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Get in touch for any new builds, repairs, maintenance and house renovations. Our team responds within a day (Mon-Fri).

Planning a Home Extension

There are a few aspects which you should pay attention to when you plan a project of this kind.

The number one being the magnitude of the work required. A small extension adjoining an existing part of the house that is somewhat open will be much easier than a large extension that requires walls to be removed and the structure reinforced — which is why choosing the right position for your new room is such an important step.

If the extension will be a self-contained living space, the amount of plumbing and electrical work will depend on the current wiring and piping configuration of your house.

As you would expect, major reworkings for either of these would come at a higher cost. If you have an electrician working on your property you can have them carry out the installation of EV Chargers and other significant electrical work for your extension. The cables for EV Chargers can be drawn from the fuse board and hidden inside the new walls, so that you won't have cables or trunking visible in the new part of your home.

Lastly, your choice of furniture, appliances, light fixtures and materials must lead to a balanced and stylish overall design. Our designers take into account your own preferences at every step along the way to ensure that the end result will be something you’ll love.

We will inform you in advance of everything that requires a decision on your end, and of the timeline of the project and takes all measures necessary to guarantee that things will go smoothly.

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How Much Does An Extension Cost?

While keeping costs down is a concern for any homeowner when thinking about their extension, the price will ultimately depend entirely on its type, finishes and furniture.

We have built front porches, garage conversions, rear extensions, side extensions and granny flats and a very rough starting price can be between €15,000 and can exceed €50,000 or more — essentially going as high as your needs and preferences will make it go. While some small constructions that involve fewer people or that don’t have to be furnishes may cost less, a large home upgrade such as this generally requires a solid budget.

Your choice of materials, furniture, and the overall size of the house extension will greatly influence its cost. If you already know your budget our team can advise you as to how to use it best, and we will work with you so that the project won’t exceed it.

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Get in touch for any new builds, repairs, maintenance and house renovations. Our team responds within a day (Mon-Fri).