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Home Renovations

For any job we can run a full scale operation — with construction, plumbing and electrical work often being carried out in parallel. Find out more.

Home Extensions

Over the last few years we have designed and completed a vast number of rear and side extensions, single story and multi story additions.

Kitchen Renovations

With the average Irish house being over 30 years old, many kitchens today look well past their prime. If that’s the case with yours as well, get in touch.

Builders Dublin

We have the experience and resources to turn your idea into reality. Among a multitude Irish building companies we stand out in professionalism and quality.

Cabinet Maker

Our team of master Cabinet Makers have decades of experience designing and creating custom kitchens and cabinetry, crafted in our workshop in Dublin.

Wall Panelling

If you are looking for Wall Panelling for your hall, stairs or landing, you should look no further than our company. Contact us today for a quote.

Carpenter Dublin

If you need a Carpenter in Dublin for any type of repair or fitting project, you should look no further than our company. Contact us today for a quote.

Fuse Board Replacement
Fuse Board

Old cartridge fuse boards are cumbersome, operationally imprecise and carry a high risk of fire. We can replace your old system with the latest models.

Electric Shower Installation

We take care of the entire process of supplying and fitting your new shower. Start working with our company for all your bathroom improvement needs.

Recent Projects

Home Renovation

We are a qualified team of specialists in home renovation, repair and maintenance based in Dublin, with a portfolio of top-notch construction projects executed on time and on budget.

We employ skilled tradesmen able to handle any task, big or small. Our multi-trade expertise makes us an ideal choice for any construction or renovation job. We act as your project manager and coordinate work in all stages: from the initial assessment to design and effective work on-site.

We pride ourselves in our ability to carry out projects from start to finish, being essentially a one-stop-shop for all the work you need.

If you’re in the initial stages of planning a house refurbishment, renovation or any similar project, get in touch today and one of our project managers will assist you.

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house renovation
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House Renovation

People start house renovation projects for a variety of reasons. Be it putting your own stamp on a property to create your dream home.

Deciding to undertake a house renovation can be both an exciting and scary prospect. The secret to success of every house renovation project is being extremely prepared and expecting the unexpected.

As experts in renovations, we are all too aware of common pitfalls and our team will be on hand to advise you every step of the way — ensuring that your renovation remains timely and cost-effective.

At the start of every house renovation in Dublin, your personally assigned project manager will draw up a step-by-step schedule of works, detailing every job which needs to be completed. Organising the project in this way ensures that your house renovation will stay on track and, most importantly, on budget.

While most of our customers approach us already owning the property they plan to renovate, we can also provide advice and support if you are trying to find the perfect property for a house renovation project in Dublin.

Our team is more than happy to answer initial enquiries around properties with potential to renovate and start the process of a positive working relationship.

kitchen overhaul
kitchen restyling

How to Plan for a House Renovation?

When you first look for a property, you should consider what potential there is in terms of a house renovation. Consider the size of the plot and, if possible, view what the neighbours have done to similar properties.

If there is room to extend, have the neighbours found it easy to obtain planning permission? Finding out this key piece of information could save you lots of hassle and time in the long run.

A further factor when choosing a property for a house renovation in Dublin is the price of similar properties. Houses in need of modernisation will come with a cheaper price tag but are worth finding out about the market price of properties which have already been renovated so that you can make an informed decision about whether the “bargain” house is really such a bargain.

Finally, it is worth investigating the structural stability of the property and for this we recommend contacting a surveyor or builder. They will be able to advise you on more serious issues with the property and help to reveal the true cost of your dream house renovation.

Find some inspiration on this Pinterest Board: House Renovations by Sarah Wroe

Home Renovation Ireland

For any home renovation job we can run a full scale operation — with construction, plumbing and electrical work often being carried out in parallel. In our Dublin workshop our team of cabinet makers is tasked with designing and building the furniture that is to be fitted in the last stages of your renovation.

With most jobs of this type being done in old Irish houses, we are prepared to assess and carry out all the necessary repair work as a first step.

House rewiring or replumbing are common enough tasks which require a knowledgeable team to tackle. We can do this for you, from installing a brand new heating system to servicing your existing gas boiler or carrying out immersion heater repairs.

Lastly, when it comes to design, decoration and finishing touches there’s no better team to have at hand. Our in-house interior designer can offer you suggestions, visuals, and a clear plan for how your home should look once all the work is completed.

Make an enquiry today or schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your project.

House Improvements & Repairs

While a home renovation project is an attractive idea in itself, many homeowners are looking to get as much as possible from it. With a fully qualified team at your service you can make significant upgrades to your house — such as house extensions, kitchen extensions and garage conversions.

The multidisciplinary nature of our team gives us an edge over other companies because you know all the improvements done to your domicile are planned as a whole and done together.

The improvements we can do can be of any scale. We can masterfully tackle big construction work just as well as our tradesmen can do installation work (for gas boilers, radiators, electric showers, fuse boxes and more), replacements, upgrades and home repairs of any type.

For smaller jobs, we have the right tradesman to cover your needs in terms of plumbing, electrical work, painting and decoration, flooring, roofing, furniture and specialised interior design.

You can rely on our team to always be professional and capable, taking care of your house improvement project from A to Z. If you are upgrading your home and are located in Dublin or nearby areas, we are the right team for you.

For homes outside the Leinster area it’s always a better choice to opt for a local tradesman or team of builders. A good tradesman can take the design of your home to a whole new level. To get quotes from local tradesmen for free click here.

living room makeover
kitchen makeover
house makeover

Why Choose Us?

Here at Repair My Home we offer a quality, budget-efficient and hassle-free set of services meant to cover all the bases for your project.

We are project managers, designers, carpenters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians and labourers backed up by years of experience in the trade. All you need to do is reach out to us and our team will look after your needs fully.

Our clients choose us because:

  • We have an excellent track record of completing home renovation projects on time and on budget
  • We have the expertise to advise you on your project and the means to carry out any work
  • We offer a friendly, professional service supported by solid experience in our industry
  • We have a large portfolio of renovation, construction and maintenance projects for homes in Dublin
  • We can handle any large project as well as quickly carry out any small repairs

Our philosophy is that nobody can do it all, but a good team can aim to do it and succeed.

house makeover
home renovation ireland

House Renovation: Case Study

You can find plenty of examples of our house renovation work by checking out our projects.

Below we want to share with you the step by step process we used for a recent home makeover in South Dublin. It is a simplified retelling of what when on and should give you a good idea of how we work and what you can expect when approaching us with a job.

The initial contact

When our client found out about us via our website, she was in the middle of planning the renovation of their 4-bed house, originally built in the early 70s. We gathered all the facts and arranged an initial meeting for more in-depth discussion.

The meetings

The clients were visibly overwhelmed by the idea of the renovation during our first meeting. We focused on understanding their needs and discussing a few main options and price points for the renovation work.

Over a number of additional meetings, we were able to develop the ideas into a clear plan that the clients were fully happy with:

  • Flooring to be completely replaced
  • Partial rewiring to be done
  • Complete kitchen makeover, new tiling and bespoke cabinetry
  • Complete bathroom renovation, radiator relocation and electric shower
  • Living room makeover with new TV unit and radiator covers
  • Kids’ bedroom overhaul with new curtains, bunk beds and wall decor
kitchen renovation dublin
home renovation dublin

Visuals and final form

With the clear plan in mind, our interior design specialist worked with the clients to choose the perfect colour palette and style for their bespoke furniture. She provided concept boards with stylish designs and striking 3D visuals that she created.

The kitchen cabinets, sitting room TV unit and radiator covers were all designed to fit the space perfectly and achieve a cosy, contemporary design. For the kids’ bedroom they had to decide whether to opt for off-the-shelf bunk beds or go with a fully bespoke design and build — at which they chose the latter. While mass-produced bunk beds have the advantage of cost, the personalised style and finish of a custom one can hardly be rivaled.

Crew arrives on site

While the kitchen, sitting room and bedroom furniture were being built in our Dublin workshop, our construction crew arrived on site to carry out the preparatory work.

Over a number of weeks all work had been completed by our carpenters, labourers, plumbers, electricians and their apprentices with the utmost care.

Finishing touches

The furniture went in to be fitted only 7 weeks after the initial contact, and a few additional days were spent by the fitters and the painting and decorating team on finishing touches. Cleanup and waste disposal were done and that marked the last day on site.

Our clients were delighted with the end result, the quality of the furniture and the overall experience of working with us. We were likewise very happy with how everything turned out. The process was relatively frictionless and it resulted in an outstanding newly renovated home.

We are always happy to discuss new projects and work with new people. For any repair or maintenance work, get in touch today.

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