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Wall panelling is an interior design technique which has stood the test of time.

Traditionally, using wall panelling to cover walls served a practical purpose. The panels came up to dado rail hand height and protected walls from bumps and scuffs.

In modern interior design, wall panelling is increasingly popular and encompasses a range of ways to decorate walls with stylish panels.

Wall panelling looks good in a variety of rooms, you are sure to find a style and material which suits your design needs.

Covering your walls with a range of textures is a simple and cost-effective way to renovate your home.

The design possibilities are endless, so whether you want to create a traditional and understated feel in your living room or choose an eye-catching wall texture in your kitchen, our skilled specialists have got you covered and can help to design, fit and install your chosen wall panelling.

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Opting for a quirky and bold wall texture is a great way to add some character into your home.

For a contemporary feel in your bathroom, choose a colour which contrasts the bathroom suite. Made from a highly dense, moisture-resistant MDF, these wall panels are an alternative to tiles and can create a stunning effect.

Similarly, in your kitchen opting for decorative panels is a great way to breathe some new life into your room.

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen, contact our team for some inspiration of how to include wall panelling in your design plans.

Whether you are looking to simply redecorate a room or are considering a wider house renovation project, our team is on hand to offer friendly no-obligation advice about the benefits of wall panelling.

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How Much Does Wall Panelling cost?

Decorative panels are a cost-effective option if you are considering renovating or redecorating your home.

The cost of wall panelling varies depending on your chosen, style and design. For supply and fitting, you are looking at an approximate cost of between €120-€150 per metre. The larger the job, the more cost efficient this becomes. One of our skilled team will be able to give you a quote which will help you to realise the value for money service we can provide.

When weighing up the price of wall panelling it is worth bearing in mind the added benefits this will bring to your home. As well as adding aesthetic value and helping to create your desired interior design, wall panelling has a whole host of additional benefits.

Firstly, wall panels are long lasting.  Like us, you will know the time and expense it takes to keep painted walls looking good. It only takes a split drink, muddy paws from your dog or simply time before you need to think about a re-coat.

Once the paint starts to peel, you must start from scratch, and it is usually extremely difficult to find a matching colour.

Often you end up having to redecorate the whole room. This is where the true cost of wall panels becomes evident, they are easy to clean, last much longer and still look good.

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Wall Panelling Supply and Fit

Wall panels are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room in your home.  Wherever you want them to be, our expert team will supply and fit them to help you achieve your dream finish. For inspiration we have included some ideas below and outlined the benefits of incorporating wall panels into your interior design.


Hall, Stairs and Landing Wall Panelling

Hallways, stairs and landing are extremely popular locations to incorporate wall panelling into your home. When guests walk through the front door this really helps to create a fantastic first impression. Having one style which flows from the front door through the downstairs hall and upstairs creates a seamless and elegant effect which will wow visitors.

Installing wall panelling finished in a navy-blue paint with either wooden flooring or a light carpet helps to create an on-trend elegant feel to your home. Alternatively, fitting wall panels finished in white helps to create a crisp and clean finish to your hallway and staircase.


Kitchen wall panelling

Our kitchen wall panels are an exceptionally excellent alternative to tiles. Durable, waterproof and scratch resistant these panels are guaranteed to withstand the day to day life of a busy kitchen. Furthermore, because there is no grout for germs to hide in, they also promote and support you to maintain high levels of hygiene.

Available in a range of attractive finishes, whatever kitchen design you are trying to create we have a panelling solution for you. In fact our kitchen wall panels can help to form part of a wider makeover when combined with new kitchen doors.

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Bathroom wall panelling

Similar to the benefits mentioned above, bathroom wall panelling is a fantastic way to help create your ideal bathroom. Being waterproof, this is a great alternative to re-tiling your bathroom. We offer bathroom wall panelling which can fit subtly with your existing suite. However, if you want something bold and to “stand out” why not explore one of our contemporary designs.


Bedroom wall panelling

Bedroom wall panelling is a great way to create a haven within your home. Alongside more traditional panels, we can also supply and fit decorative panels for the ever-popular feature wall. As well as being low maintenance, wall panels also have the added benefit of providing insulation, keeping you warm and comfortable during the colder Irish Winters.


Radiator Covers

If you are considering giving your home a makeover it is also worth thinking about purchasing some custom-made radiator covers which will further enhance the design of any room within your home. Available in either matching or contrasting colours to your wall panelling and a range of designs these can really help to uplift your home design.

We can also supply, and fit radiator covers as part of a wall panelling job which further saves on cost.

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Raised Wall Panelling
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Shaker Wall Panelling
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V Groove Wall Panelling

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Our skilled team of designers and fitters have supplied numerous wall panels to clients in Dublin and nationally in Ireland.

We have a great reputation and have received excellent feedback on previous jobs.

If you need any help or support, or just want to find out more about fitting Wall Panels, get in touch with one of our Dublin-based team today.

More room decoration ideas aside from wall panelling:

For more room decoration ideas, or if you need some inspiration, the video above contains some great ways to incorporate wall panels into your interior design.

So why not give us a call and see how we could help you to transform your home.

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