Storage Heaters – Repair and Upgrade

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Excellent work requires expertise. Repairmyhome is a group of fully qualified tradesmen that specialise in home repair, improvement and renovation. However, when we need specifics we don’t like guesswork; there are plenty of banana builders in Ireland, but were not one of them. Guesswork usually just costs more down the line for both the builder and the client.

When we need expertise we get experts to do the job. One of the companies we like using is They deal with electrical heaters and also manage things like fuseboards and other standard electrical equipment. Now, while storage heaters are generally simple and easy to install by any of our staff, it’s best to have an expert around when something goes wrong. Storage heaters tend to be used in two types of places; residential properties like apartments or bungalows where full scale oil or gas boilers are too expensive are not allowed by the building (or when the apartment buildings heating is too cold) or in commercial fit outs where it doesn’t make financial sense for a full boiler, as the heat is only needed during the day of certain months. In simple terms, specialise in heating, and we use them and their stock whenever we can because it’s great value for money, simple to use and efficient (we prefer to install the modern storage heaters, for more information on those you can click here to check out their explainer).

Whenever we build in smaller homes we recommend a storage heater. They’re essentially cheaper more efficient dimplex heaters. They’re more expensive to buy outright, but they’ll cost you far less in electricity cost and they also tend to last longer. With this recommendation of storage heaters we always go with They’re the best equipped to tell you the exact heaters you need for certain rooms and if they ever have a problem in the future you can call them to get it fixed.