Sewer Pipe Repair

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If you’re having regular issues with your home's sewage backing up, and you’ve tried the usual blockage clearing methods, then the following may be of interest to you.

Many houses pre 1970’s have clay pipe sewage systems, and — due to tree roots, subsidence and heavy traffic (but to mention a few of the reasons) — the pipes often get damaged or cracked and require replacement.

On this particular job the old clay pipes had cracked and broken, causing the indoor plumbing to get blocked and back-up, every couple of days. It was clear from the way the concrete slabs had settled and from inspecting the manhole that there was going to be issues with the condition of sewerage system, and sure enough a broken sewer pipe was the culprit.

Often times in old houses the foul system (indoor waste water) is not separated from the storm-water system (roof and pathway rainwater), current best practice would be to separate these pipe systems when broken sewer pipes require upgrading work of this nature to be carried-out.

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sewer pipe repair
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Sewer Pipe Replacement

In this instance our team removed the existing broken concrete, broken sewer clay pipe sections and dug out enough soil.

We then laid a solid foundation of graded hardcore, followed by sand and then installed all new Wavin pipe sections. Wavin is just a popular brand — the important thing is all the pipes and products we use comply with all current regulations and standards.

We installed new manholes and soil vent pipes to the correct falls, ensuring that that the sewage system would operate properly long into the future. Once the pipe system was installed and checked we poured a new concrete footpath, with a new hard wearing flush manhole cover.

It's important when dealing with sewage of this type to wear protective clothing and clean any effective areas thoroughly after fixing a broken sewer pipes or similar problems.

All our team respect the homes that we work in and always give due care and attention to health and safety. We are a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary trade company who offer industry leading broken pipe repairs.

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