Kids Bedroom Redesign

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Last July a client came to us requesting a full bedroom redesign. She wanted to change her box room into a comfortable, useable living space for her two children.

The room was quite a tight fit, and would require a bespoke bunk bed to free up space in the room. With this additional space we could fit in extra storage units in the form of wooden cabinets.

From the start of the project we brought the client into our office for a meeting and discussion with our team. We had our in-house designer go over every aspect of the redesign. From the materials, to the measurements & the construction, the client had a hand in every part of the project. We strive to have customer-based projects, where the customer is 100% satisfied with the end result.

This is achieved through constant contact and communication with the client and understanding their wishes for the outcome of the project.

The outcome of this project was exactly to the clients wishes. She received several cabinets and a set of bunk beds all within her budget and timeframe.

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