Immersion Heater Repair Service – Broken Immersion?

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Dublin-based immersion heater repair team, offering on the spot repair and replacement services for immersions, thermo stats, switches and time clocks.’s immersion repair team is comprised of fully licensed plumbers and electricians, who are specially trained in all areas of repairing and replacing immersions.Our unrivalled immersion repair service is thanks to our policy of pre-equipping all call-out specialists with the tools and parts with which to repair immersion heaters on the spot.

In addition to our immersion heater repair, we also replace and install immersion thermo stats, immersion switches and fit immerison time clocks.Tip: If you do not have an immersion time clock installed on your property, call us today. Immersion time clocks are quickly and easily installed, and offer instant savings in terms of money and energy usage.

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