Immersion Heater Repair & Supply in Dublin

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Where repairmyhome deal with all and everyday home repair and home improvement initiatives we also run a more specific service for immersion heaters including repairs and upgrades! The company is operated by the same staff, it just has a much stronger focus on Immersions or electrical/plumbing work and as such they employ exclusively plumbers and electricians. Very useful if you require specific work done as opposed to the general all-in approach of Repairmyhome.

Professional repairs for any immersion heater faults

We wanted to highlight because of the great work they do. They’re fast and efficient, can fix any problem regarding your immersion and are fully qualified in plumbing and electrics. They have fully kitted out vans fitted with Immersion elements, thermostats etc. and this is so important when fixing immersions; most people know their cylinder is broken, but have no idea what part of it is. Without a fully equipped van it makes the tradesman’s job much harder and slower which directly affects the customer, you don’t want to wait without hot water while the plumber runs off and picks up a new part and immersionheater deal with 95% of problems onsite. The only things they can’t get sorted are things like brand new heaters or a rare occasion where the Immersion is actually fine, but there’s an underlying piping/electrical issue.

If you need to get an Immersion fixed visit today, they’re fast, effective and best of all, cheap.