The Job were contracted to complete a large house extension in Clonee, Dublin. The development involved a full back garden extension across the entire house, with a reworked internal kitchen and play area. are a multidisciplinary trade team, so we have brick layers, carpenters and electricians on hand to get every part of the extension done, from building new rooms to redesigning old ones. No matter what you might need, when it comes to house extensions, Repairmyhome have the experience and expertise needed to deliver the results you want.

House Extention – External Design decided to build the house extension first, so we could minimise the impact on the client’s family occupying the home. We drew up the plans alongside the client and agreed upon constructing a full back garden extension across the entire house, including a previously extended side area. The old external walls would be knocked to create a large walk-through kitchen/living area on one side of the house with a smaller children’s play area on the other. The external design drawings were done entirely by RepairMyHome. We are fully qualified and, while we are happy to work with professionals such as architects and interior designers, it is not a necessity. can design the entire project for you without other contractors, so you get one team and one quote.

House Extention – Internal Design

The client also needed an internal redesign of their house, especially the new areas they had spread into. The kitchen and living area were being extended and joined together, while a brand new play area had to be installed for the children. knew the overall layout needed, but the client was unsure of the particulars. This is very common when people need a house extension, particularly a large one and especially when it comes to the new size of rooms or appliances, for example; how large should an island be? What type of couch will fit best in a certain area? Should we mount a television on a wall or leave it free standing? Here at repairmyhome we are more than happy to offer you our expertise on what ideas are common, what ideas work, and, perhaps most importantly, what ideas don’t. Ultimately, however, the choice is always up to you, and we are happy to accommodate irregular or eccentric designs. In this case, an internal red brick leaf wall for the backdrop of the television with an attached old-fashioned fireplace, with a radiator cabinet to cover the radiator. is definitely the place to go if you want designs that are uncommon or refined, simply put, we’re used to it.

The Construction

The construction phase began by digging up and flattening out the back garden for the laying of the new house extension. We followed the plan to complete the back garden extension first to lessen the disruption it would cause the client. After we had dug out the required space, our brick layers set the new essentials; water, waste and drainage pipes that were extended from the old house and connected to the national grid. We then packed the remaining space, the pit, with stone, sand and insulation, and then poured concrete to smooth the finish and create the floor. With this done, we had a basic infrastructure from which to build the remaining house extension.
The walls of the extension feature a double barrelled design, with one half built out of red brick and the other out of concrete. These “leaf walls” as their known, are connected with steel brackets and filled with insulation. While most house extensions will also feature insulated plasterboard on the internal walls, the bare red brick pattern requested by the client made this impossible, so the insulation of the leaf wall was doubly important to ensure the home was kept warm. We finished the construction with a wall partitioning the new space and then installed the roof and, finally, the windows. With this done could knock down the old external walls, install the steel supports to hold up the roof and begin work on the internal fitting of the home.

The Internal Fitting of House Extensions

With the “heavy lifting” done, repairmyhome could now focus on the internal fitting of the house extension. The team began with a first-fit plumbing and electrics. Installing the new gas boiler, which was sourced from our industry connections to get the lowest gas boiler prices. Connecting the external pipes to the new kitchen area and running the wires around the house for everything from appliances to plug sockets. This is an important part of the job to get right, as moving the pipes after they’re laid is a hassle and, as such, it’s very helpful to have a well-designed kitchen in mind. This allows everything from incoming cold water taps, outflowing waste pipes and full electrical support for appliances to be fitted perfectly.

Following the plumbing and electrical installation, the team began to lay a new floor and plaster the walls, except for the bare red brick wall at the back of the new living area. The Kitchen walls and flooring are tiled, while the rest of the extension features hardwood flooring, integrated with the remaining space in the house. The team were then able to finish off all of the electrical and plumbing work, such as setting pipes and finishing sockets, installing the new appliances in the kitchen area and fitting the new custom made television, stove and building the new island.

The client needed us to complete some finishing touches; such as moving around the kitchen slightly, so that it could work a little bit better, and installing a large storage unit in the children’s play area. With this complete it was time for us to wish the client farewell and move on to the next job, maybe even yours