Fire Damage Repair

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Fire damage is probably the single most horrific and devastating event that could befall any home owner.

But once municipal services deem a fire damaged property safe to repair or rebuild, we will do our utmost to shoulder as much of the hassle, anxiety and stress as we can for our customers.

We offer specialists in fire damage assessment, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration and fire damage repair.

Our company understands that when fire damages or destroys a property, it’s attention to the little things that matters most.

We thoroughly examine the fire damage to the property's structure, including where the fire may have spread to:

  • Floors
  • Frames
  • Central heating
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fittings

We quickly and efficiently evaluate the fire damaged property, make honest recommendations about what areas can be repaired and give clear options regarding demolishment and rebuilds.

We understand that fire damage burdens homeowners with very difficult decisions β€” whether to repair, renovate, demolish or reconstruct.

Our experienced tradesmen will help you every step of the way towards rebuilding your home.

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