Chimney Repair

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Our team was recently called out to view a chimney that the homeowner felt was letting in water.

On closer inspection it was revealed that frost had gotten into the plaster and brick work, loosening the chimney’s structure close to point of collapse.

We began tackling the chimney repair by setting up the appropriate scaffolding, carefully in place to respect the existing roof and our staff’s safety. The existing chimney was then secured, so that it could be removed carefully in manageable stages before rebuilding to current standards could begin

Once the chimney was removed and the chimney pots carefully stored, a damp proof course was installed just above the roof level and carefully sealed ensuring no water could penetrate into the chimney in the future.

From there the chimney was rebuilt in stages allowing adequate time for the brick courses, chimney flue and lining to set.

The full length of the chimney and all of the fire places were checked at each phase of the chimney repair to ensure that they remained in good condition.

Once the brickwork was rebuilt, the chimney pots were reinstated and secured. The chimney was carefully plastered to match the original details and finish.

Following the chimney repair the existing roof slates, gutters, lead work and flashings were checked and all of the rubble properly disposed of and cleaned-up.

If you wish to have your fireplace redone with wall panels around it, we can help you choose the right style and measure the area correctly.

Other rooms in the house can be panelled and if you want bathroom wall panels our specialists will advise you on the type of finishes and materials best used for the job.

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