Shop Renovation

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The visual appearance of your business immediately instils a first impression for customers.

It is crucial that your exterior introduces your business to the world, exactly in line with the atmosphere and quality of your service.

If you feel as though your storefront or business exterior is not sending the right message to customers, let us show you how a few ideas can make all the difference.

In an industry where reputability is crucial, it was paramount that the entire storefront be renovated to manifest the tasteful internal environment and the business' high-quality service.

As well as giving you an eye-catching exterior, we also excel in building renovations and in constructing in-house custom-made furnishings to suit the needs of your business. So if your interior is holding you back, we can also help you get everything under one roof, keeping costs and hassle at a minimum.

In our factory, our specialists can design and manufacture custom made workstations, custom made radiator covers, sales counters and more.

Units can be spray painted in the company colours for a vibrant and durable finish. We can also install lighting and mirrors.

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Shop Renovation Services

You get many options and flexibility when recruiting us for retail renovation projects.

Here we combine our expertise with:

  • Design
  • Flooring
  • Custom fittings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Graphics

This leaves our customer with exactly what they need, and only one bill for the entire operation. We are also delighted to go that extra mile where needed.

Never let layout determine whether you take a retail unit. If you are happy with the location, we can take any premises and transform it into your exact requirements with the best shop fitting team available.

With us, clients can bring any vision into reality. Our projects show the power of our in-house multi-trade team and private factory facility, which allows us to design and build custom furnishings and requirements for businesses, from more structural projects like partitions, right down to specialist areas like security systems and signage.

Our professional service — if required — can start with shop fitting interior and exterior design, right through to placing the ribbon for your opening day.

We are experienced in offering you the best quality and lowest cost shop fitouts and will assess what work you require, select and arrange for our expert tradesmen to arrive and complete your tasks in an efficient and punctual manner.

All our staff are fully insured and up to date with all health and safety, building codes and current regulations.

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Basement Renovation

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Our company was contracted by a local hair products shop, to expand their retail unit behind the GPO in the centre of Dublin.

Following three years of excellent sales at this prime city centre location, the proprietors wanted to expand their services to offer a training academy, private consultation, wig room and a tanning salon. However this service expansion was complicated by space restrictions in their listed property.

The clients immediately recognised the potential of this basement space, and wanted us to strip out the floor and install partitions. This way, they could create three new state-of-the-art rooms, fully customised to cater for their three new services.

Our carpenters stripped and levelled the floor, ensuring a stable foundation for all ensuing works.

Permanent partitions were then installed, to make three new rooms, measuring:

  • 3x4 metres
  • 3.5x5 metres
  • 5x8 metres

Next, the floors of all three rooms were tiled with brand new super white porcelain tiles. These tiles first keep the new rooms' design in line with the shop's theme and secondly allowed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

In the room designated as the training academy, MDF panels spray-painted in the company's trademark pink were installed around the partition walls.

Custom made workstations were then designed and manufactured at our factory and fitted by our carpenters. Each of these eight workstations were custom equipped with a large panel mirror, seating, storage units, vanity lighting, and electricity sockets. Finally a wash basin was plumbed and installed in the space adjoining the academy room.

The walls of the private consultation wig room were painted white. Our carpenters again designed and manufactured a custom-made workstation, providing lighting, electricity sockets, a panel mirror and specialised storage features for the wigs and accessories.

Custom made glass shelving was also made to match the shelves in the storefront and installed around the newly painted walls.

Finally, we tiled both the floor and walls of the tanning salon, preparing it for the spray tanning equipment to be installed.

Our technicians also fitted an extractor fan and air conditioning unit, to provide the required ventilation and room temperature for a safe and pleasant working environment.

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Display Units

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We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating to our domestic and commercial clients.

We have a fully equipped factory, set up to cater for your custom display unit needs. Our facility includes a CNC router, 10ft table saws and ventilated spray booth.

We can do everything including jewellery displays and any other types of retail furniture to maximise the sales shelving. They would generally be constructed from Hidrofugo MDF and sprayed in durable PU paint.

With these projects it’s imperative that we keep workmanship to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on being able to work with both architects, designers and directly with clients to fulfill their requirements — whether it’s a display unit, a complete shop fit out or fitted furniture.

Our company ensure that all the materials used are of the best quality. We also ensure that our staff are properly trained in manufacture and installation, fully insured and up to date with all health and safety regulations.

All our team respects the premises that we work in and always give due care and attention to your staff and customers health and safety.

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Chimney Repair

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Our team was recently called out to view a chimney that the homeowner felt was letting in water.

On closer inspection it was revealed that frost had gotten into the plaster and brick work, loosening the chimney’s structure close to point of collapse.

We began tackling the chimney repair by setting up the appropriate scaffolding, carefully in place to respect the existing roof and our staff’s safety. The existing chimney was then secured, so that it could be removed carefully in manageable stages before rebuilding to current standards could begin

Once the chimney was removed and the chimney pots carefully stored, a damp proof course was installed just above the roof level and carefully sealed ensuring no water could penetrate into the chimney in the future.

From there the chimney was rebuilt in stages allowing adequate time for the brick courses, chimney flue and lining to set.

The full length of the chimney and all of the fire places were checked at each phase of the chimney repair to ensure that they remained in good condition.

Once the brickwork was rebuilt, the chimney pots were reinstated and secured. The chimney was carefully plastered to match the original details and finish.

Following the chimney repair the existing roof slates, gutters, lead work and flashings were checked and all of the rubble properly disposed of and cleaned-up.

If you wish to have your fireplace redone with wall panels around it, we can help you choose the right style and measure the area correctly.

Other rooms in the house can be panelled and if you want bathroom wall panels our specialists will advise you on the type of finishes and materials best used for the job.

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Furniture Spray Painting

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We offer a variety of services from electrical and plumbing, to carpentry and painting.

We employ and sub-contract various workers and companies to ensure you can have everything you want for your home fit out.

Through these various connections we are also capable of offering smaller jobs to those who don’t want to do everything at once. We offer each piece of work in part through our separate affiliates.

If you need your furniture retouched or are in the market for a competent furniture painting company, look no further than For all of the painting we use their service and the quality level is always excellent. They have a team of professionals that use the best PU paint and tools so everything ends up looking great.

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Roof Repairs

Get a Quote regularly get called out to do slate/tile, felt, gutters, fascia, soffit and roof timber repairs. Investigating and diagnosing the source of these problems is essential at the earliest stage. Often times find that the problem has gone unnoticed for some time, and it can be necessary to peel back more of the area, to ensure the roof doesn’t need to be revisited for years to come.

A few tiles on this roof were cracked and the breathable membrane was thorn allowing rain water into the house. stripped back the area in question, checked the timber rafters carefully for any signs of decay or weakness and strengthened them where required, treating the effected timbers with organic solvents.
The next step was to remove the roofing felt as it was to far gone to patch, the new roof felt must be installed to ensure that water/ moisture will make its way to the gutters. Its also extremely important that ventilation is maintained under need the felt, with a clear passage to the ventilated eaves, ensuring that the roof timbers remain free from moisture. can install appropriate attic insulation while carrying out your roof repair, it is definitely a good time to this, as there is easier access to tight roof spaces and it’s also a great opportunity to increase your homes air-tightness levels thereby reducing internal drafts.
Once the Roofing membrane is installed, new battens are placed on top to secure the felt and give the tiles/ slates fixing. The slate/tiles are then reinstated or matched & integrated with new (or reclaimed), ensure that the appearance is retained.
Often times old roofing slate/ tile fixings have corroded but the case shown it was more likely a weather event that caused a few to move, exposing the felt to the elements and over time it failed. In this instance the gutters and flashings were in good condition but its always worth inspecting to be sure.

When carrying-out work on a roof ensure that the existing materials are staked and stored safely for reinstatement where possible, we also ensure our staff are fully insured and up to date with all health and safety. When repairing Old roofs the motto is repair rather than replace where possible, respecting the place we are working and giving due care to health and safety.

We use FSC approved timber and NSAI products are a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary trade company who offer industry leading roof repairs. Contact us now on 01 4853440