Bunk Beds Ireland

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Repairmyhome.ie works with homeowners all across the spectrum of development. Whether you want a new wooden floor or kitchen right up to house extensions, full renovations or even building a brand new home on vacant land.

We do everything when it comes to homes and as such, we’re always trying to build a network of sister companies who have expertise in areas we don’t.

Budget-Friendly Bunk Beds in Ireland

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to Bunk Beds Ireland; they focus exclusively on bunk beds, whether they’re a standard double, triple sleeper or even loft beds for both kids and adults, though most of their stock is centred on kids’ beds.

If you’re looking for some interior furnishing done then it’s very possible we’ll use their stock for your bunk beds, so if you’ve worked with us before or are happy with some of our work that you’ve seen then do check out BunkBed.ie if you’re looking for a place for the kids to rest their heads.

Bunk Beds for Sale

BunkBed.ie are perfect if you need to buy some kids’ bedroom furniture without external help. The beds come flat-packed Ikea style and can be put together by someone handy (or someone from BunkBed.ie if needed) they have a very good range of stock and we’ve used them in the past when our clients wanted something affordable for their children’s rooms.

Some of their loft beds are also very handy for teenagers or college students, as it puts the bed above their desk and can really add space to a box bedroom. The real trick here is to give their site a look if you’re in anyway interested in bunk beds. Their great value and come in a wide range of simple beds right up to elegant designs. If you need a place for the kids to sleep, you can’t go wrong with them so click here to check out Bunk Beds Ireland and buy your next bunk bed online!