Bedroom Redesign in Rathgar

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We recently completed a project in Dublin 6. This client needed a complete master bedroom redesign.

From a custom made queen sized bed, to new cabinetry, a make-up artist's set up, and lastly a walk in wardrobe.

The project began in early July, we had the client come into our factory office. She sat down with our excellent and meticulous in-house designer who went over every aspect of the redesign.

From the colour scheme to the placement of every board, nothing was left to chance. We wanted the client to have a hand in every part of the processes. We are dedicated to allowing the client to have as much input as possible in the project, this ensures that everyone is happy once the project has commenced.

Construction began two weeks after we had agreed on a design. The first step was to remove everything that wasn’t going to be used, so all of the old cabinetry and furniture needed to be removed, alongside the built in-wardrobe. All of this was taken care of by our expert team of builders and carpenters.

While this was on-going, the carpenters back in the factory were cutting, sanding, painting & building of the individual pieces, such as the bed or cabinetry. Then they went into the cleared bedroom and started to install each of the individual pieces, and installing the fitted wardrobes.

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