Basement Renovation

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Our company was contracted by a local hair products shop, to expand their retail unit behind the GPO in the centre of Dublin.

Following three years of excellent sales at this prime city centre location, the proprietors wanted to expand their services to offer a training academy, private consultation, wig room and a tanning salon. However this service expansion was complicated by space restrictions in their listed property.

The clients immediately recognised the potential of this basement space, and wanted us to strip out the floor and install partitions. This way, they could create three new state-of-the-art rooms, fully customised to cater for their three new services.

Our carpenters stripped and levelled the floor, ensuring a stable foundation for all ensuing works.

Permanent partitions were then installed, to make three new rooms, measuring:

  • 3x4 metres
  • 3.5x5 metres
  • 5x8 metres

Next, the floors of all three rooms were tiled with brand new super white porcelain tiles. These tiles first keep the new rooms' design in line with the shop's theme and secondly allowed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

In the room designated as the training academy, MDF panels spray-painted in the company's trademark pink were installed around the partition walls.

Custom made workstations were then designed and manufactured at our factory and fitted by our carpenters. Each of these eight workstations were custom equipped with a large panel mirror, seating, storage units, vanity lighting, and electricity sockets. Finally a wash basin was plumbed and installed in the space adjoining the academy room.

The walls of the private consultation wig room were painted white. Our carpenters again designed and manufactured a custom-made workstation, providing lighting, electricity sockets, a panel mirror and specialised storage features for the wigs and accessories.

Custom made glass shelving was also made to match the shelves in the storefront and installed around the newly painted walls.

Finally, we tiled both the floor and walls of the tanning salon, preparing it for the spray tanning equipment to be installed.

Our technicians also fitted an extractor fan and air conditioning unit, to provide the required ventilation and room temperature for a safe and pleasant working environment.

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