are specialised in helping you take care of your home. Our multi-disciplinary team are the perfect choice for your house renovation or building project. We can construct extensions, home renovations and even build entire new houses. Repairmyhome combines the skills and abilities of multiple professions to ensure that we have the required staff to fulfil your project.

Most of our jobs our sourced from repeat customers. We send our qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters out to do small jobs. Fixing sinks and fitting fuse boards, and from there those customers are so happy with our work they come to us for more advanced jobs like full home renovations.

If you’re interested in going through this route, we supply and fit newer and safer fuse boards over on We recommend this route because most homes in Ireland still use older, unsafe fuse boards that cost you every time they blow a fuse. Head on over to for a new fuse board for a safe price.