Repairmyhome were recruited in May 2013 to complete a retail renovation in The Square Shopping Centre, Tallaght.  The former herbal product store was perfectly located in the central concourse of the shopping centre, which offered excellent visibility and presence, in addition to maximal passing trade. However the layout was completely unsuitable for our clients” needs.  The five by eleven metre floorspace was partitioned into 4 separate rooms, the lighting was dull and basic and the exterior shopfront walls were comprised entirely of glass. Our analysis of the premises also uncovered enduring problems with both the electrics and the plumbing.

For the retail renovation our client required a single large floorspace, vibrant lighting, custom made display fittings and an opaque exterior wall. In addition, the retail renovation works would need to remove the previous faulty plumbing work and update the electrics. All the while, work would need to conform to construction regulations enforced by the shopping centre, with minimal disruption to neighbouring businesses.

We commenced work by completely stripping the unit of the previous floor,
partitions, fittings, wiring and plumbing, leaving a complete hallow shell.  To keep disruption to a minimum, the majority of this phase was carried out after the centre’s opening hours. We next lay new flooring, which was then tiled with pink quartz and grey porcelain.

In our factory, technicians designed and manufactured a custom made workstation, a custom made radiator cover, a custom made sales counter and a pair of custom made gondolas (see top right insert, below).  Units were spray painted in the company colours, to offer a low cost, vibrant and durable finish.  Together with these custom fittings, we also installed custom made lighting walls and mirror boxes along the interior walls.

Our next task was to make the two exterior walls  We recommended graphics to our client, which would be installed to one side of the glass.  This intervention would not require reconstruction of the store walls. Keeping the retail renovation cheap.

Finally, we installed custom lighting to remaining walls and to the sales counter, to boost the vibrancy of the store.  We also installed a complete CCTV, alarmed security system to monitor the premises, and a tag system to protect the store’s stock from shoplifters.

Once again, this project shows how much options and flexibility customers get when recruiting repairmyhome for retail renovation projects.  Here we combine our expertise with stripping, flooring, custom fittings, plumbing, electrics, graphics and security, leaving our customer with exactly what they need, and only one bill for the entire operation.  We are also delighted to go that extra mile where needed – in this case conducting the majority of construction works outside of typical trading hours.

Never let layout determine whether you take a retail unit.  If you are happy with the location, we can take any premises and transform it into your exact requirements with the best retail renovation team available.