Repair my home designed and built a new home renovation suite in Dublin. It was a small extension to the existing home and included a full internal and external construction, that is; finishing the actual building itself first and then fitting out new wardrobes, wall panels etc. A skilled cabinet maker can help you plan and build the perfect furniture for your needs.

Here at repairmyhome we complete every stage of the construction process in house with a professional team of carpenters, brick layers, plumbers and electricians. If you choose to build with us we can not only build a house extension, but completely renovate the internal build too. It lets our clients stay with one builder throughout the project and our carpenters are more than happy to lay flooring or build internal units for when the building work is completed.

This particular home renovation was built to the side of the house as a new play room area. The extension features a bunch of radiator covers from our Dublin-based supplier, insulated walls and double glazed windows, with the internal plastering work also having its own insulation. With any building project, insulation is key, it helps keep your home as warm as possible and an extension is always susceptible to colder temperatures, as it’s less well heated by other rooms in your home. On top of this, repairmyhome tiled the roof and painted the exterior walls, which, along with the windows, gives you the view of the home renovation when we finished it.

Following the external extension, the “building” part of the project, repairmyhome moved onto the interior. We fitted full hardwood flooring, constructed the large storage wardrobes, which are built into the side of the extension, and we also fully skimmed and painted the plasterboard walls. The wardrobes have a full set of drawers and shelves, built to the client’s specifications from our purpose built factory in Dublin. If you go with we can build custom made furniture for any part of your home renovation or house extension, from wardrobes to cabinets to bunkbed, which definitely gives a lot of freedom in what you need to get built.

Repairmyhome specialise in house renovations and house extensions, we can even build full houses from scratch. So whatever building work you might need done, exterior or interior, we’re capable of building it for you. If you need any job done on your home, get in touch with us today.

This home renovation and extension took us twenty days in total to finish.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]