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Builder in Dublin: Best Irish Building Contractors

We are a multidisciplinary team of Dublin building contactors. Our builders in dublin are a host of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, brick layers and more available to fulfill any of your building needs.

The team originally started out helping people renew and renovate their own homes, however over time we’ve taken on full scale house building projects. So much so that we’ve effectively become a top choice when you're looking for a builder, Dublin. Our skillsets are heavily matched to large-scale building projects, we’ve a huge team of qualified tradesmen with consulting Architects and Structural Engineers we know and trust. Everything done by us is by the book and signed off on.

So it made sense for us to become a favourite Dublin building company collectively as opposed to individual tradesmen working together on smaller tasks. Especially with clients in the industry wary of the poor workmanship that’s been shown in recent years.

Battle-Hardened Builder Team

We’re an experienced team of tradesmen who have decades of experience in each of our fields. We’re a Dublin-based builder company who focus on our attention to detail. We’re not some huge careerist developers with men in suits guiding banana tradesmen in building poor accommodation.

We’re construction workers who are backed up by qualified engineers guiding expert tradesmen who’ve earned their spurs in their own trade. We’re not builders where a carpenter lays tiles or an electrician fits the toilet because they’ve been on a building site so long the roles become interchangeable. The only people laying are bricks have done it for decades. We need to be like this because we’re a small developer and we can’t afford mistakes.

We work on homes, not houses and we’re more connected to our client’s needs, wants and deadlines than faceless builders constructing fast housing for people who haven’t bought the land yet. If you need to get your home developed or a plot of land extended, we focus on the small stuff, because if you don’t, it always comes back to haunt you years down the road.

If your needs are simpler than a complete house building project, for example a renovation, extension, making and fitting alcove units and similar things, we can help too. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Building Contractors

Our team and factory are based in Dublin, Ireland. However, we’re perfectly happy to build outside Dublin for clients that want a different experience and want to feel like more than just a number, although projects in the Leinster area are preferable.

We always do our best to source materials as close to the site as possible in order to keep building costs down and are conscious of travel costs to give the client a cost-effective building solution. Even simpler tasks such as replacing your old storage heater with a newer, more efficient electric heater can be quite a financial burden when it needs to be done outside of Leinster, but we can take care of projects without such worries. What we do bring from Dublin is a fast, efficient and experienced building team that is used to large scale projects and we can bring that speed and effectiveness to you if you live outside the Pale.

Whether looking for local builder, dublin or just a fast and efficient team, RepairMyHome is the place for you. So if you’re looking for any building, extension or renovation work you want done give us a call and talk to our team leaders today.


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