Chimney Repair

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Our team was recently called out to view a chimney that the homeowner felt was letting in water.

On closer inspection it was revealed that frost had gotten into the plaster and brick work, loosening the chimney’s structure close to point of collapse.

We began tackling the chimney repair by setting up the appropriate scaffolding, carefully in place to respect the existing roof and our staff’s safety. The existing chimney was then secured, so that it could be removed carefully in manageable stages before rebuilding to current standards could begin

Once the chimney was removed and the chimney pots carefully stored, a damp proof course was installed just above the roof level and carefully sealed ensuring no water could penetrate into the chimney in the future.

From there the chimney was rebuilt in stages allowing adequate time for the brick courses, chimney flue and lining to set.

The full length of the chimney and all of the fire places were checked at each phase of the chimney repair to ensure that they remained in good condition.

Once the brickwork was rebuilt, the chimney pots were reinstated and secured. The chimney was carefully plastered to match the original details and finish.

Following the chimney repair the existing roof slates, gutters, lead work and flashings were checked and all of the rubble properly disposed of and cleaned-up.

If you wish to have your fireplace redone with wall panels around it, we can help you choose the right style and measure the area correctly.

Other rooms in the house can be panelled and if you want bathroom wall panels our specialists will advise you on the type of finishes and materials best used for the job.

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Furniture Spray Painting

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We offer a variety of services from electrical and plumbing, to carpentry and painting.

We employ and sub-contract various workers and companies to ensure you can have everything you want for your home fit out.

Through these various connections we are also capable of offering smaller jobs to those who don’t want to do everything at once. We offer each piece of work in part through our separate affiliates.

If you need your furniture retouched or are in the market for a competent furniture painting company, look no further than For all of the painting we use their service and the quality level is always excellent. They have a team of professionals that use the best PU paint and tools so everything ends up looking great.

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furniture painting
furniture spraying
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Roof Repairs

Get a Quote regularly get called out to do slate/tile, felt, gutters, fascia, soffit and roof timber repairs. Investigating and diagnosing the source of these problems is essential at the earliest stage. Often times find that the problem has gone unnoticed for some time, and it can be necessary to peel back more of the area, to ensure the roof doesn’t need to be revisited for years to come.

A few tiles on this roof were cracked and the breathable membrane was thorn allowing rain water into the house. stripped back the area in question, checked the timber rafters carefully for any signs of decay or weakness and strengthened them where required, treating the effected timbers with organic solvents.
The next step was to remove the roofing felt as it was to far gone to patch, the new roof felt must be installed to ensure that water/ moisture will make its way to the gutters. Its also extremely important that ventilation is maintained under need the felt, with a clear passage to the ventilated eaves, ensuring that the roof timbers remain free from moisture. can install appropriate attic insulation while carrying out your roof repair, it is definitely a good time to this, as there is easier access to tight roof spaces and it’s also a great opportunity to increase your homes air-tightness levels thereby reducing internal drafts.
Once the Roofing membrane is installed, new battens are placed on top to secure the felt and give the tiles/ slates fixing. The slate/tiles are then reinstated or matched & integrated with new (or reclaimed), ensure that the appearance is retained.
Often times old roofing slate/ tile fixings have corroded but the case shown it was more likely a weather event that caused a few to move, exposing the felt to the elements and over time it failed. In this instance the gutters and flashings were in good condition but its always worth inspecting to be sure.

When carrying-out work on a roof ensure that the existing materials are staked and stored safely for reinstatement where possible, we also ensure our staff are fully insured and up to date with all health and safety. When repairing Old roofs the motto is repair rather than replace where possible, respecting the place we are working and giving due care to health and safety.

We use FSC approved timber and NSAI products are a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary trade company who offer industry leading roof repairs. Contact us now on 01 4853440

Attic Insulation

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Attic fully insulated, including a complete piping insulation upgrade to the most energy efficient materials on the market. Limited time only. Contact us now on 01 4853440 are a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary trade company who offer industry leading energy-saving Attic insulation .

We use only 150mm insulation with a certified A efficiency rating. We cover the whole attic, including a seal around the attic hatch and complete insulation cover for the back of the hatch.

For no extra cost, we will also equip your existing attic plumbing with A-rated energy-saving pipe insulation.

Just in time for the coldest months of the year, you can make instant savings on your home heating bill, for a fixed low cost of only 300.00.

Call us now to avail of this fantastic Attic Insulation offer.

We directly employ a team of specialists, which include licensed draughtsmen, carpenters, roofers, plumbers and electricians, such that we confidently offer Dublin”s best and most cost-effective service for luxury attic conversions and insulation upgrades.

Call us today and see how simply and economically we can add an extra bedroom, playroom, office or study to your home, while also reducing your heating bill.

Water Tank Replacement

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Dublin-based water tank replacement team, offering on the spot repair and replacement services for water tanks, ballcocks and pipe insulation.”s water tank replacement team is comprised of fully licensed plumbers, who are specially trained in all areas of repairing and replacing water tanks.

Steel water tanks are subject to rust and leaks. We install MDPE (plastic) water tank systems, which cannot rust and are impermeable in all weather conditions. Repairmyhome will also insulate all the piping in your attic, free of charge, with every water tank replacement.

Call us today and talk us through your requirements.

Tip: Some insurance companies will not cover you in the case of a leak, if you have a steel tank. If you are about to move into a new property (rented or purchased) be sure to ask what type of water tank it has.

Storage Heating Repair

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Dublin-based storage heating repair team, offer on the spot repairs for 95% of storage heater problems costing as little as €60. Our storage heater repair team is comprised of fully licensed electricians, who are specially trained in all areas of storage heating. Old, faulty, or incorrectly configured storage heating systems can lead to inadequate heating and high costs. The team at will assess your system free-of-charge, after which 95% of faults can be repaired on the spot and recommend the best settings for heating your property economically. We also supply and fit replacement systems with the best available energy ratings, making your winters warmer and cheaper. Tip: Insulating your attic is a quick and easy way to save on energy costs. Call us for more information. Call us on: 01 4853440